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Hawaii Five-0 newcomer Meaghan Rath is as striking as she is smart and urbane. She lets us in on how she pranks her cast mates and why she finds locals “soulful.”

Has it been a big adjustment moving to Hawai`i? What are some challenges? What are some of the positive aspects?
I think anytime you uproot your life and move to a new place (in this case, an island), it requires a fair bit of adjustment. It can be very scary. But as far as transitions go, I feel very lucky. Our crew and cast and the people of Hawai`i have been so welcoming and accommodating. It’s very much in their nature—they are gracious hosts. Everyone here has made what could have been an overwhelming experience so smooth and easy. It’s wonderfully comforting. It’s been one of the best parts about moving to Hawai`i—getting to know the people and the culture here. The people, they want to connect with you. They are soulful. I like learning from them. I’ve made some really great friends.

Are there any local foods or dishes you enjoy?
Yes, yes, yes, yes—the food here is fabulous. Right now, my favorite restaurant on the island is Senia: wonderful veggie and fish options. They have this cabbage dish that is off-the-hook. They also have a poke cracker that I’d slap you in the face for. I also love Yohei Sushi. It’s a supertraditional Japanese experience. I sit at the bar and order the omakase; I drink sake and am basically in heaven.

Any insider information you can give to our readers about your your Hawaii Five-0 cast members?
My cast members are a lot more playful than people think. We have a good time. There’s a shocking amount of silliness that goes on for a show that’s as intense as it is. People who follow my Instagram stories (@meaghanrath) can attest to that. On long days, I get bored and like to cause a bit of trouble. I once built a ‘tickle stick’ of sorts, using chopsticks I found at craft services and my hair extensions. It was strange. No one was safe. Also Scott Caan has been teaching me how to shoot on a film camera. People may not know this, but he’s an accomplished photographer. He had been showing me some of his published work; it was very inspiring, and I asked him to teach me. I had done a lot of photography in my life, but I’ve only ever shot with digital cameras, so learning from Scott and a bunch of our camera guys and directors of photography has been pretty great. It’s an excellent classroom.

What kind of car do you drive and why?
I drive a 2017 Audi TT. I call him Sweet TT. I had him shipped over to Hawai`i from Los Angeles when I first arrived, and it’s a very comforting piece of home for me. He traveled for a week on a boat to get to me. I often wonder what that week was like for him. There is no way of knowing. I think of it as his ‘black period.’ I like Audis because they drive fast, and they break fast. I feel safe in it. And cool. Cool but safe. Nothing says cool like safety. Am I right?

Your dog came to your photo shoot. What’s something special you want your fans to know about him?
My dog is an extension of me. He is me in dog form, and I am him in human form. He is my familiar. I’m his witch, and he’s my little black cat I send out into the night to collect secrets. I’m lucky to share my life with him.


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