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Meaghan was recently interviewed by ET Canada about the 50th Anniversary episode of ‘Hawaii Five-0’ and what fans can expect from season 9.


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Hawaii Five-0 newcomer Meaghan Rath is as striking as she is smart and urbane. She lets us in on how she pranks her cast mates and why she finds locals “soulful.”

Has it been a big adjustment moving to Hawai`i? What are some challenges? What are some of the positive aspects?
I think anytime you uproot your life and move to a new place (in this case, an island), it requires a fair bit of adjustment. It can be very scary. But as far as transitions go, I feel very lucky. Our crew and cast and the people of Hawai`i have been so welcoming and accommodating. It’s very much in their nature—they are gracious hosts. Everyone here has made what could have been an overwhelming experience so smooth and easy. It’s wonderfully comforting. It’s been one of the best parts about moving to Hawai`i—getting to know the people and the culture here. The people, they want to connect with you. They are soulful. I like learning from them. I’ve made some really great friends.

Are there any local foods or dishes you enjoy?
Yes, yes, yes, yes—the food here is fabulous. Right now, my favorite restaurant on the island is Senia: wonderful veggie and fish options. They have this cabbage dish that is off-the-hook. They also have a poke cracker that I’d slap you in the face for. I also love Yohei Sushi. It’s a supertraditional Japanese experience. I sit at the bar and order the omakase; I drink sake and am basically in heaven.

Any insider information you can give to our readers about your your Hawaii Five-0 cast members?
My cast members are a lot more playful than people think. We have a good time. There’s a shocking amount of silliness that goes on for a show that’s as intense as it is. People who follow my Instagram stories (@meaghanrath) can attest to that. On long days, I get bored and like to cause a bit of trouble. I once built a ‘tickle stick’ of sorts, using chopsticks I found at craft services and my hair extensions. It was strange. No one was safe. Also Scott Caan has been teaching me how to shoot on a film camera. People may not know this, but he’s an accomplished photographer. He had been showing me some of his published work; it was very inspiring, and I asked him to teach me. I had done a lot of photography in my life, but I’ve only ever shot with digital cameras, so learning from Scott and a bunch of our camera guys and directors of photography has been pretty great. It’s an excellent classroom.

What kind of car do you drive and why?
I drive a 2017 Audi TT. I call him Sweet TT. I had him shipped over to Hawai`i from Los Angeles when I first arrived, and it’s a very comforting piece of home for me. He traveled for a week on a boat to get to me. I often wonder what that week was like for him. There is no way of knowing. I think of it as his ‘black period.’ I like Audis because they drive fast, and they break fast. I feel safe in it. And cool. Cool but safe. Nothing says cool like safety. Am I right?

Your dog came to your photo shoot. What’s something special you want your fans to know about him?
My dog is an extension of me. He is me in dog form, and I am him in human form. He is my familiar. I’m his witch, and he’s my little black cat I send out into the night to collect secrets. I’m lucky to share my life with him.


Hawaii Five-0’s newest starlet isn’t afraid to get down and dirty on the hit CBS show.

“I’m so bruised that my body hurts—all for everyone’s entertainment!” laughs Meaghan Rath, aka Hawaii Five-0’s Tani Rey, about the price of brawling with TV baddies. Upon being thanked for this service to the arts, the Montreal-born-and-bred actress laughs again. “Just doing my part!”

And then some. From the moment the 31-year-old became the show’s new female lead in its eighth hit season, Rath has shown her chops in martial arts and gunslinging, along with mad chemistry with her co-stars. “Alex [O’Loughlin] and Scott [Caan] were so welcoming that I felt immediately comfortable,” says Rath. “That was key!”

You’re slaying it as new task force member Tani Rey. What do you love about her?
That she’s such a badass—she really wants to destroy people! But she’s also vulnerable and, with her father dead and a twin brother with criminal ties, she feels like she’s completely on her own. There are lots of levels.

How does your real-life badassery compare?
People think I’m tougher than I am. But I’m definitely sillier and goofier than Tani, and I never fight. The one time I was punched I was working, fighting a stuntwoman. The choreography finished, but the director didn’t yell cut, and the stuntwoman started freestyling and knocked me to the ground. I was bloody with a huge black eye. I don’t know how to dodge a punch in real life: I’m from Canada, for God’s sake! [Laughs.]

In Canada, you began your march to fame at 18 when you became a Canadian teen star on 15/Love. I watched a bit of it on YouTube and—
You watched it?! I loved that show and essentially grew up on it, but looking at it now, I think, well, everybody’s got to know that I wasn’t born with a gift. I definitely had to work at it! [Laughs.]

Oh, you’re adorbs in it. You’ve said that that experience helped you overcome your feeling of being an outsider because of your mixed-race heritage. [Rath’s ethnicity is British, Austrian Jewish, and East Indian.] Do you feel as if you’re “representing” on Hawaii Five-0?
It’s rare to find the same mix as me, but I do feel as if I’m representing people from different backgrounds who aren’t typically ones we grow up seeing on TV.

When you were doing Cooper, I read that you missed drama and its ability to let you “get your feelings out.” Now you’re kicking ass and shooting guns and—feeling all the feelings on Hawaii Five-0!
When I watched all the TV and movies I did when I was a kid, I wanted to get my feelings out like those actors were. And then I became addicted to getting them out. So when you see me on Hawaii Five-0 wrecking my biceps throwing metal chairs or breaking down a wall with a fire extinguisher, don’t think I’m just going through the motions there—the feelings are coming out!

Along with the bruises. So let’s end with a Hawaii Five-0 on-set story.
We shot on a yacht in the ocean for an entire week. Sounds amazing. Actually, not so easy. It was really hot, and everybody took what we thought were non-drowsy Dramamines. They weren’t, and it was insane. People were passing out for two hours between takes and getting seasick. Someone would say, “Oh, look at the gorgeous view!” and you’d look down in the water and there was all this puke floating around.

So glamorous! [Laughs.] But, hey, we all came through, and don’t think I’m not incredibly grateful to be on a show that people love so much. I’m thrilled to death!


Meaghan Rath always knew exactly what she wanted to do. The Canadian native got her start in the acting world relatively early, booking her first role after a casting director hand-picked her for the 2001 flick, Lost and Delirious. “I played Alison’s Friend #3,” she jokes with Maxim, “which is widely considered my most compelling work to date.”

After racking up an impressive resumé, including her role as ‘ghost with the most’ Sally Malik on Syfy’s Being Human, Meaghan is ready to embrace her more comedic side. Even with a full-fledged background in drama, the 29-year old starlet loves a good laugh. “Comedy is actually where I thought I’d land, and it definitely feels right,” she told Maxim. “I love screaming and crying and being hung from a noose in front of a green screen as much as the next guy, but it’s a refreshing change to get to make jokes all day.”

And that’s exactly what she’s doing on her new show, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life. The newest addition to the FOX comedy line-up is said to be a laboratory mix of The Hangover and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, focusing on life after college in the real world and figuring out just exactly where you’re supposed to be. Your twenties are a time for having the time of your life- and just trying to make it out alive.

“I play Kelly. She lives across the hall from our hero Cooper and his 2 roommates,” she told Maxim. “I immediately loved how relatable she is; she projects a very tough image, but inside she’s actually quite vulnerable and afraid of failing, which is something I can identify with. Kelly and Cooper are balls deep in the ‘will they/won’t they’ game, both reluctant to reveal how they really feel about each other at the risk of losing their friendship altogether and it makes for some pretty explosive moments.”

How much more relatable can you get?

The bombshell brunette told Maxim all about loving scruff, favorite curse words, and crushing on Amy Schumer.

1. What’s your favorite curse word to use?
Cocksucker. I feel strongly about it. It’s specific. It’s a subcategory of motherfucker. Cocksuckers are also non gender-specific, which I find to be progressive of me.

2. What do you feel most sexy wearing?
Leather pants, boots, and an old comfy flannel. It’s pretty much my uniform. I feel best when I’m comfortable, and it really doesn’t get much better than a loose-fitting shirt.

3. Is there something on your bucket list you’ve yet to accomplish?
I’ve wanted to sky diving for years. For the love of God, somebody take me sky diving!

4. Do you have a movie you find yourself watching over and over again?
I have a lot of favorite movies, and could never pick one, so how very dare you for asking. I will name a bunch: Goodfellas, Annie Hall, Husbands and Wives, Blue is the Warmest Color, Melancholia, Boyhood, Drag Me to Hell, Mean Girls. The movie I have seen the most is probably Home Alone.

5. How can a guy go about getting your attention?
Having talent. It’s probably the most attractive thing to me. Someone who is really really good at what they do.

6. Do you have any girl crushes right now?
Amy Schumer, Emily Blunt, Alicia Vikander, Margot Robbie, Amber Heard.

7. If you have a free afternoon, what do you usually do with it?
I make a big show of telling people how productive I’m being by running errands, working out, reading scripts, brunching with friends; but really I’m wrapped in a blanket with my dog watching Real Housewives.

8. What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
“Hey. Smile.”

9. How should a guy be groomed?
Not at all? I’m not super into an overly groomed man. I think scruffy and messy is pretty great.

10. So what’s next for you?
Next is promoting my show, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life. It’s not a bad thing to be doing, because I’m wildly proud of this baby. Sundays at 8:30pm on Fox between The Simpsons and Family Guy. You will like it.